Sunday 11 April 2010


Every so often I question my motivation behind writing a blog. Self-analysis is not the easiest thing. There's an expression: "He/she knows his/her own mind." I'm not at all sure I ever will - it's a slippery resourceful bugger that is always at least one step ahead of me.

Lots of things I do are devoid of one over-arching reason, but have lots of little part-reasons all pushing the same way. Sometimes there is a smattering of self-delusion but some things I do know.

I really like creating things. The style, presentation and content of my blog represent effort to put together something unique.

It's lovely to have readers, followers and, especially, comments. If I'm going to write something it's great when people enjoy it.

I have a huge love of comedy. The thought that sometimes, just sometimes, I can emulate my comedy heroes and make someone laugh is a delight. Often I try a bit too hard and miss the mark, but occasionally it flows. I hope those moments are enough.

Somewhere in me is, I suspect, a damn good book. I started writing it ten years ago. How many of my early scribblings will be retained who could possibly say? Likely as not, even the title will be re-imagined. Writing a blog forms ideas, builds up practice and hopefully irons out the wrinkles.

Anyhow, this has been a bit of a ramble with no funnies. I'd just like to say thanks very much to my friends who have taken the time to read this blog over the last few months. I'm sure more daftness will be along shortly.

All the best,
Keith aka iDifficult


  1. Blimey, if I didnt know you better I would, just for a minute, no just for a nanosecond, think you were trying to be serious. Of course you are not, silly me...

  2. Reasonz? We don' need no steenkin' reasonz!

    Um, my pleasure, old boy. The same is also true of my blog. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. i do hope you finish your book one day...
    funny, serious, or otherwise i would love to read it. =)

    (personally, i only blog to clear my head of the thoughts i keep tripping over)

  4. Well said, I'm so very glad you do write your blog, it's always a treat and often contains a smile that will last days :)

  5. Ha! I've only just noticed the fade-in header! Brilliant!

  6. @gumley Have you spotted the hover over graphic on the right hand side?

  7. Don't mention that one to Karen, if she knew how easily you could be disapeared you'd be in serious bovver...


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