Thursday 29 March 2012

The Seach fo R

A tilogy in thee pats
Pat 1: Evey Action Has An Equal And Opposite Eaction
Pat 2: Houston, We Have A Poblem
Pat 3: The Seach Fo R

Afte a ecent time tavel adventue, Indigo Oth, Eolist Petite and, I, Max Tunguska discoveed a bit of the alphabet was missing.

We wee concened. Actually Oth was concened. "I've lost a quate of my suname!" he exclaimed.

"I haven't lost any of my name at all," I said. "Look, if I fold this napkin like this, and this, and then like this, tuck that though, I get... Voila!"

"Yes, a folded napkin with a tucky bit! And I haven't lost any of my name. And this place does nice coffee," Eolist folded he ams in a gestue of emove-me-fom-my-coffee-and-I'll-bite-you-ankles.

"I suppose you'd like us to go back in time and find out what we did to scew things up?" I asked Oth.

"No, I'd quite like to sit hee, dink coffee and fold napkins," he eplied.

"Oh, that's ok then. I thought you wee botheed about the missing lette."

We odeed moe coffee.

"What shall we do this aftenoon?" I asked.

"We could go looking fo the missing lette in my suname?" suggested Oth.

"This place does nice coffee."

”I thought you said you ween't botheed?” I asked.

”Would you be botheed if you'd lost a quate of you second name?”

”Pobably not. I mean, I suppose it's too long anyway. I have to help people spell it. And it depends upon which bits I'd lose. Leave out the wong bit and it could be eally had to say.”

”Could we go and look fo it anyway?”

”Do you emembe whee you last had it?”

”Well, we need to stat with the Semetic people, then the Geeks, then the Omans, then us. So, have we been to Ome, Geece o Egypt ecently?" asked Eolist.

We all shook ou heads and looked down at the table.

”I was planning to go on a tip next week. Quite fancied getting away fom it all in Geece fo a while. Maybe when I go thee I do something that affects now,” I said.

”Suely you can't be suggesting that something you haven't done yet is messing up now?” said Eolist.

”I think so. Cumbs, I'll have to ceate a tachyon pulse to affect my bainwaves so as I'll ealise going to Geece is a bad idea and I shouldn't do it. Maybe I should genetically alte my bain to make it moe tachyon sensitive too." I said, almost to myself.

”Could you not leave youself a note on the fidge suggesting you go to Slough athe than ancient Geece?" suggested Oth.

"My dear Roth, that is a rather remarkable recommendation."