Sunday 5 August 2012

The Final Part

Our heroes have been fed, followed a trail of notes requesting help, driven by bus, flown in a stunning replica of the Starship Enterprise, shot, killed, resurrected by the bus driver, who turned out to be Death and finally reached the source of the notes where a fate worse than, er, Death awaited them.

The seventh part of the trilogy:

Skimming time like a stone on a pond

It's turned out weird again

Trail of Crumbs

An unfortunate bullet in the head

Death And Taxes

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The orderly walked down the corridor. He paused at each of three doors opening the flap and looking into the room. "Poor souls," he muttered, "Hallucinating for weeks. The tall one keeps muttering about wresting a laser from a shark, cutting open the door and escaping."

His supervisor arrived just as he closed the last flap. "I've heard him. Sharks with lasers. Pah! Found on the pavement outside the Euthanasia Curry House in 1979."

"Curry too strong for them?"

"No, apparently it was the after dinner coffee. Eolistblend prepared the Turkish way. Not recommended by the World Health Organisation and banned under the Geneva Convention."

The supervisor lifted the first flap, "Bloody hell, we're going to get crucified for this!"


"This one has gone! Check the others."

In 1979, a cracked trio was sent to the loony bin by a psychiatrist for windows they didn't lick. These men (and a woman) promptly escaped from a maximum security mental hospital to the Slobering-under-the-Bed underground. Today, still wanted by hardly anyone, they survive as crazies for rent.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Caffeine-Team.


  1. My Windows is always crashing, can you persuade the team to lick it better?

    1. Slobber over a computer. Sure. You've hired the C-team. We'll need to weld stuff to your car and blow up your shed first.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. That was a lucky escape I must say.

  3. To whom do I speak about engaging The Caffeine Team to assist me? There appear to be a few unfortunate pickles in which I find myself enmeshed. I fear only this Intrepid Trio can help me find my way back to the relative safety of 1978.

    1. You need to speak to Col. Eolist "Hannibal" Petite, "Howlin' Mad" Max Tunguska or Indigo "Face Man" Roth.

  4. *giggles hysterically*

  5. *giggles hysterically*


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