Tuesday 13 April 2010

I want to believe

"Mulder, You've been sitting on that fence for hours. What's going on? You got a furball again?"

"I tell you there is something out there, Scully."

She stopped walking down the fence and balanced carefully on a fencepost. It was then she noticed something strange about her friend. "I must say you look bloody silly with that take-away curry tin on your noggin."

"It keeps their thoughts out of my head."

"Why would they want to get into your head?"

"They want my dreams. The other night I was curled up sleeping in my basket. The bright light came and I was put in a cage I couldn't bite or claw through. It was made of a material unknown to cat-kind. Then they took me to a bright room and stuck a probe in the back of my neck."

"OK, you've got me. I'll bite. So what happened next?"

"They were poking about for that little metal thing they stuck in me last time." He stopped speaking for a moment, and when he started again, it was in a whisper. "Trust no one."

"Call me skeptical, but I just don't believe. There is nothing out there. Come on, where's your proof?"

"That dry stuff in the bowl next to my water? It's not of this world. Have you tasted it? It's weird!"

"Don't like it. Prefer fresh mouse. Sparrow is very nice too - quite crunchy."

"How about the wet stuff with gravy and carrots? It's meat but it doesn't taste like mouse or sparrow. It doesn't taste of anything. When I'm eating it I hear the word 'chic'-something."


"So, you've heard it too."

"Doesn't your food speak to you? Last mouse I cornered distinctly said 'bugger'."

"Come on, mice don't speak. That'd be unbelievable."


  1. Talking food?
    That could make dinner time quite awkward :)

  2. Hey 'Difficult. Did aliens kidnap your sister as a kid? No? Well, did you want them to? Indigo

  3. I know for a fact the aliens have abducted my cat, now she reports back to them, usually at 2am.

  4. OK. After this exchange, I don't even WANT to know what the dogs are talking about.

  5. Hah! The last thing my cat caught didn't say anything. It was still inside it's tiny shell!

    Just popped over from Tribal blogs to see my fellow UK dweller.

  6. ...here kitty kitty...

    this was excellent! it will make me giggle until friday at the very least. =D


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