Wednesday 8 April 2015

A Smack in the Face May Offend

We had enjoyed an eventful stay in Ireland, with one of our number having a close encounter with a Banjshee, and we were just one stop from Michigan on our cycle journey home. We had pulled the 5 different wheeled, three saddled quintracycle off the road and were preparing to sleep under the stars. The encounter with the Banjshee had left our smallest member with a bit of a singing problem.

♫ I'm the man of a thousand faces ♫

"Why have you got a black eye?” I asked looking at Roth's badly bruised face.

♫ A little piece of me in every part I take ♫

"You know we've been using duct tape to, err, muffle the singing during the night?” Roth replied with a question.

♫ I hold the tape for a thousand races ♫

"Seems rude but, well, damn, what else are we supposed to do?” This question to a question thing was getting habit forming.

♫ A different point of view in every speech I make ♫

Roth held up the empty reel of tape. "Ran out of tape. I used WD40 instead.”

♫ Cut me a piece of my divided soul ♫



  1. I was proud of us for carrying the two essentials of repair; all things quintracyclic can remedied with one or the other. The riders? Not so much.

  2. Replies
    1. =O

      *contemplates having toasted cats for dinner*

    2. Gorilla glue. *places order on Amazon*

  3. ♫ cry me a river, call it rock and roll... give me WD and watch me blacken your eye.... i am the wo-man of a thousand faces...♫

    1. Speak to the coffee with the voice of the sleepy

  4. Heh :)

    Have you three ever checked to see if you were triplets separated at birth??

  5. Yes they did and found that they share 17 strands of familiar DNA. However this does not explain their behaviour or how their disparate parents managed such a long distance event. Oh by the way I'd suggest supergluing his mouth closed. I can hear him from here, its not pleasant.


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