Monday 9 July 2012

Scratch & Sniff

You may have wondered what your favourite characters smell like. Well, due to the power of technology I bring you the scratch and sniff guide to The Tunguska Event.

Scratch and sniff below to get the authentic smell of Max Tunguska:

Now try the fine aroma of Eolist Petite:

Then the heady wiff of Indigo Roth:

And finally for the brave, the Squiddrel:

Unfortunately the technology required to make this work isn't available in your century. I recommend you move forward to the next century or attempt to scratch and sniff Max Tunguska, Eolist Petite, Indigo Roth and the Squiddrel personally.

Actually, forget about scratching and sniffing the Squiddrel. He might not like it much. And then you wouldn't like it much.

Monday 2 July 2012

What's on your Mantelpiece?

An intense study of the lives of people in Britain called Mass Observation was started 75 years ago. One of the questions in this study was "What's on your Mantelpiece?"

So I thought I would start the study again but with popular* contemporary bloggers.

Dr Max Tunguska has, working from left to right, on his mantelpiece over a fine open log fire, the following:
  • A jar of nitroglycerin.

  • A human brain in a jar covered in formaldehyde with some wires sticking out of it. The label has Max Tunguska scribbled out and Vacant Possession written in underneath.

  • Some green glowing rocks sitting on a wooden plaque with a brass engraved plate showing the wording Essential Power-source from Atlantis.

  • Discharge paperwork from the mental asylum (forged).

  • One dead bonsai tree.

  • Two small reel-to-reel tapes left here by Jericho Roth.

  • A cup of coffee.

  • Eolist sitting swinging her feet.

If any other bloggers would like to document their mantelpieces, be my guest.

* Starting with The Tunguska Event is stretching popular to breaking point, so bite me.

The original BBC article can be found here: