Saturday 28 March 2015

The Return

We had enjoyed an eventful stay in Ireland, but we were now working our way back to Michigan. The quintracycle was making great time along the cycle path between Ireland and Michigan.

♫ To dream the impossible dream ♫

"You wonder how long she can carry on like this,” said Roth, referring to Eolist giving the song full voice from the third saddle.

♫ To fight the unbeatable foe ♫

"Well, she finished her folk repertoire by the West Coast of Ireland, and finished Country and Western before the East Coast of the US. She's probably got quite a bit to go,” I replied.

♫ To bear with unbearable sorrow ♫

"Yeah. Prog Rock could take us all the way to Siberia,”

♫ To run where the brave dare not go ♫

"You think this is just a side effect of being so close to a Banjshee?” I knew the answer, but I had to ask.

♫ To right the unrightable wrong ♫

"Yes. But at least it is better than death.”

♫ To love pure and chaste from afar ♫

"You think?” I wasn't sure my ears could cope with a great deal more.

♫ To try when your arms are too weary ♫
♫ To reach the unreachable star ♫

”I didn’t hear anything from her sleeping bag last night, so at least this doesn’t carry on 24 hours a day,” remarked Roth.

♫ This is my quest ♫
♫ To follow that star ♫
♫ No matter how hopeless ♫
♫ No matter how far ♫

I silently held up a reel of duck tape.

♫ To fight for the right ♫
♫ Without question or pause ♫
♫ To be willing to march into Hell ♫
♫ For a heavenly cause ♫

”You may, possibly, be going to hell.”

♫ And I know if I’ll only be true ♫
♫ To this glorious quest ♫
♫ That my heart will lie peaceful and calm ♫
♫ When I’m laid to my rest ♫

”Best pizza ovens anywhere I’m told.”

♫ And the world will be better for this ♫
♫ That one man, scorned and covered with scars ♫
♫ Still strove with his last ounce of courage ♫
♫ To reach the unreachable star ♫

A thought bothered me. “I didn’t know she was a baritone.”

“Who knew?”


  1. ♫ To reeeeeeeeachhhh the unreeeeeachable st ♫ Hey! What's the duct tape fo..
    mow meh moo mrrr mmm!

  2. Replies
    1. Or WD40. Either are awesome. It's never a proper job until I've used both.

  3. You know, I still have trouble thinking about this incident. The tape across the mouth was fine (tho she could still hum), but I'm still not sure we should have taped her to the underside of your saddle. Those be dangerous waters! Roth

    1. It did mean she was closer to the on-board coffee machine though.

    2. Does that compensate for also being nearer unspeakable danger?

    3. Unspeakable danger is just above Roth's saddle is it not?

  4. This was satisfactory on so many levels. {I have a shameful need for small amounts of bdsm in my life. It used to be large amounts but a whole other storyline to tether.

    Class stuff.

    Welcome back.

  5. .... and I forgot the final }. I'm Scottish and I've been drinking. Sue me.


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