Friday 13 February 2015

Tunguskan Time-slip

Where is Dr Max you ask? The last anyone heard of him was in 2013.

^ HIM ^
Did the fame and the money turn his head? And while we're on that subject, where exactly is the money?

His long term associate, companion, joint feral pizza hunter, cohort, and fellow time and inter-dimensional travel addict, Indigo Roth, was tracked down recently for a comment. He said "Who?" You've got to admire the famous English reserve.

Eolist Petite was also tracked down, although this was a much harder task than finding Roth, as she is very much smaller. She is reported to have said, "He still owes me $20, the tight bastard. Also I don't think he is a real doctor either, the sticking plaster he gave me in 2011 has fallen off."

Will 2015 contain more Max Tunguska adventures that 2014? I predict it may already do so.


  1. Well damn, this is a turn-up. GREAT NEWS! Whoever you are.

  2. you found your way out of the wardrobe?!?!?!?!

    can you throw me a rope?

    if not can you at least toss some decent coffee beans in?

  3. Wow, 2013?? Seems like just yesterday that I wasn't reading your posts.

  4. Yeah... it was just a time-slip. Explains a lot about why so many people have gone missing in recent months/years. I could have sworn I left them around here somewhere...


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