Monday, 18 January 2010

Mind, found missing

A couple of times a week Mrs Long-Suffering goes to work early and I take Fluffy Daughter to Breakfast Club. It is always a bit of a rush and I miss things. Last week I forgot Fluffy Daughter's glasses and it took her half an hour to get out of the classroom at going home time 'cos she couldn't see the door.

So this morning I was determined not to get anything wrong.

Fluffy Daughter dressed in school uniform. Check.

Packed lunch and drinks done. Check.

Guinea Pigs fed. Check.

Cat in kitchen. Check.

Me washed and dressed. Check.

Fluffy Daughter has glasses. Check.

Go outside and lock front door. Check.

Drive to school and park. Check.

Make sure Fluffy Daughter is happily having breakfast of her choice. Check.

Kiss Fluffy Daughter goodbye. Check.

Drive to station in correct car. Check.

Park car. Check.

Train arriving shortly at platform 2. Check.

Stand on platform 2. Check. Look down.

Non-matching footware fitted. Check. No hang on! Bugger!


  1. At the office, did anyone object? I suspect a business analyst would say "well, they're both brown", while someone else, perhaps a Unix guru, would say "well, they both work"!

  2. OH MY GOD MAN! You were challening "Punky Brewster"!!

  3. in case i did indeed date and/or americanize myself with that comment - Punky was a cute little rugrat who insisted on never leaving the house without two differing socks/shoes and living through children challening her charm was a nightmare...

  4. Ha! Brown shoes. Just like my last post.

    I've done that back in the day when I had to where pumps to work. I wore 1 black and 1 navy. Oops.

  5. I had to check this out after reading Eloist's story about the little boy. I give you 99% for effort in getting Fluffy off to school intact.


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