Friday, 22 January 2010

The 'I' of the Beholder

"So what does the I in iDifficult stand for? I understand the Difficult bit well enough."

"It's a bit like Inspector Morse. Enigmatic," said I.

"So it's short for Inspector?"


"Or is it a play on iPhone or iMac?"

"No and No."

"Is it short for Intelligent?"

"Oh please! Guess again, if you must," gritted teeth.

"How about Indigo, as in Indigo Roth? You are his evil twin after all."

"Indigo Difficult? Has your head come unscrewed? Besides twins usually share a surname. And before you start, it isn't Indiana either - I wasn't named after the family dog."

"Or like I in I, Claudius?"

"If it were then I'd write it I, Difficult. But I'm not a bloody Roman emperor, am I?"

"You could be in disguise."

"Do I look like I'm in disguise? No, don't answer that!"

"Is it Ian? Are you Ian Difficult? I went to school with an Ian."

At this point I shot him.


  1. *Bang, bang*

    I believe I would have also.

  2. I always imagined you were channelling the iconic I. R. Baboon from I Am Weasel -

  3. i always thought in your haste you inadvertently left out 'm - but i'd never point that out fear of being shot...

    =O ooops...

  4. Ha! You are hilarious!

    Really though? Tell me please? Just me. I can keep a secret.

  5. I know what the "i" stands for.

    You took it from the Nickelodeon tween show: iCarly.

    You were inspired.

  6. And so, iDifficult remains an enigma. We shall never know from whence the i evolved.

  7. Like Inspector Morse, eh? So it's an anagram...

  8. Weird, I've always read it as, iD cult, which is in fact, iffi.


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