Monday, 11 January 2010

Gratitude and Thanks

This blog you are so very kindly reading has received not one but two awards in this last week. This constitutes a cracking start to 2010. 

The first award is from my best mate, fellow blogger and nut-house fodder, Indigo Roth. He has sent me the wonderful Feels like Home award:

One of the conditions is that I need to pass this onto five other bloggers who make me feel welcome in their strange worlds:
The second award is from the Cat Lady herself - the I'm a BadAss award:

I shall do my very very best to live up to the accolade.


  1. Congratulations, you are one badass! I am now stalking you!

  2. Hey, cool. Thanks, iDifficult. I'm glad you feel at home over at my place. Feeling's mutual. And I see I'm in damn fine company. Right on!

  3. Hey 'Difficult, I see we've been tarred with the same Badass brush? I feel slighted. All I do is write down the things we do. Anyone would think I was making it up. More tonic, boss? Indigo


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