Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Houston, we have a Poblem

A tilogy in thee pats
Pat 1: Evey Action Has An Equal And Opposite Eaction
Pat 2: Houston, We Have A Poblem
Pat 3: The Seach Fo R

Five minutes had passed since the events told in Evey Action has Equal and Opposite Eaction

As the thee of us sat dinking ou coffee, I pulled a business cad out of my pocket. I've no idea how it got thee.

"Oth," I said. "What is that stange symbol in font of you name?"

"What symbol? It's pobably punctuation - I've ead you blog and you nomally spit on it."

"The one that looks like this:"


"Oh cap! I think duing ou last time tavel we must have messed something up. Did you tap some eldely scibe on the shoulde at a monastey duing a moment of thought?"

Indigo Oth gabbed the time tavel device fom my hands. "I'll dive," he said, "Last time you dove I lost 1/4 of my last name."

Eolist pulled two things like handles with suckes on each side. "These ae fo us," she said.

"What ae they?" I asked.

"Panic handles. I emembe the last time Oth dove."

"Was that when he became ou ganny?"


  1. ight you ae! oh, and hee's you blindfold, you'll thank me late.

  2. You know, I get a lot of abuse about my ability to pilot an automobile. It's unjust. I like to think of my A-to-B jaunts an a chance to see new places unexpectedly at high speed.

    (hey, this missing symbol thing is difficult!)

    1. As usual a reply far smarter than the original post.

  3. What makes this wonderful, is it's believability :)

    Great stuff!

  4. p.s loving the spinning images effect! I haven't been visiting blogs for a while due to... skyrim (shakes head at ones self) But yours is looking fab!

    1. Thanks mate. I've been doing the old place up following the name change.


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