Monday, 27 February 2012


Her whiskers twitched and she frowned with frustration. There would have been a glint of anger in her green eyes but she was too controlled for that. A mouse was going to die horribly later.

"You cannot be serious! You think that came from where?" she pointed a ginger paw over to an object standing a good jump above the grass in the gloom of a spring night.

"It's alien. Most definitely alien. It came from the same place as the implant in the back of my neck," said her companion. His tabby fur and fine features were hardened by the take away curry tin he had moulded to his head.

"Listen Scully, there is more out there than you can imagine. When I got my implant I was taken in a box made of some material I couldn't dent with my teeth or scratch with my claws. Then they shone a bright light at me, inserted a probe - made my eyes water it did, and then I felt this pain in the back of my neck."

"I know how you must feel. I have a pain in my neck."

"Let me feel. You might have been abducted by aliens too."

"Raise a paw near my neck and I'll give you anal probing you'll not forget. "


  1. Things are getting strange around here.

    :-) I'm a fan.


    1. You never really know what goes on inside those little furry heads. 18 hours a day of contemplation on how to take over the world.

  2. makes me miss my Smokey Joe whom still haunts my existence from across the great divide...

    1. You had a cat called Smokey Joe? Love it.

  3. Bless 'em, they're back! And that reminds me, I must make myself a new foil cap to deflect the orbital mind control lasers. I'll have to finish this curry first, tho...


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