Saturday, 7 January 2012

Memories of Unreal Things

I don't dream often. Or rather I dream as much as everyone else, but I seldom remember them. Occasionally I wake during the night, catch the edge of a dream and think, "gosh, that was interesting, I must remember it." Come morning, I've forgotten the dream, but annoyingly not the feeling of how fantastic the dream was, or of my desire to hold onto it.

So last night was a bit special. I had a most splendid dream and I can tell you about it now.

In my dream I went to see a film and it was a film I was really looking forward to seeing. I'd been to the concession stall and bought a bucket of coca-cola, some salty popcorn and something with melted cheese and nachos.

As I sat down and watched, the story unfolded. Now here's the weird bit - all the characters in this film were friends. Freud would have been taking notes furiously. The victorian doctors would have prepared me for a lobotomy.

The movie was fantastic. As I left, I turned an looked at the poster:


  1. hehehe! A New Topping "Dominos I am your father..."

  2. @catlady "Roth Strikes Back?" - He's already on strike... Oh that's not what you mean.

    @eolist "I find your lack of pizza sauce disturbing"

  3. The cat is finally out of the bag! George is convinced this will be a huge hit, and already has two sequels planned!

    EPISODE XI: The SliceBuyer Likes Slack
    EPISODE XII: Return of the Cheque

    And if all goes to plan, a prequel trilogy is on the cards! Starting with...

    EPISODE VIII: The Phantom Emission



  4. @IndigoRoth "I find your lack of pizza most disturbing"


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