Sunday, 15 January 2012

I am not iDifficult

"I am not iDifficult" to paraphrase the title of Leonard Nimoy's autobiography "I am not Spock" (Although it should be noted the second volume of his autobiography is entitled "I am Spock").

I have changed the name of my unwholesome blog and my even more disreputable twitter account. I just got fed up with iDifficult. It started as weak joke and then developed life of its own. It was like using a placeholder name in a novel, and then discovering after publication that it was still there. Thankfully, I hadn't picked John Thomas. So for a while now I have looked for a new Non de Plume, or I guess since this is all typed, a Nom Du Clavier.

I thought about why I needed a pen name. Some of my friends write under their own names, so why shouldn't I? Mostly because the contents of this blog are works of fiction. It's not about my life, but about the lives of make believe characters doing odd and hopefully fun things. It doesn't feel right writing fiction using my own name. I also don't want comments made by my fictional character to be attributed to me just by googling my name. I'm proud of what I write (mostly), but I don't want words from my first person character(s) being taken of as my own personal viewpoint.

So after nearly ten minutes of really hard thinking, I have come up with a Non de Plume of Dr Maximilian Tunguska. I have renamed this blog to The Tunguska Event, as that is nicely fitting.

My blog's old URL or will be around until the end of March after which it will no longer work. has already gone the way of the pink finned dodo. The new URL is .

Likewise I have changed my twitter account from @iDifficult to @Dr_Tunguska. I'm applying the same rules - try to sell me something and I block you. Instantly.

I'm sure the character formerly known as iDifficult shall appear in a blog near you with Indigo Roth and Eolist Petite wearing a large friendly badge saying "Hi, I'm Dr Max" soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I always thought so. Actually it took me quite a while to find a name that had possibilities, fitted the character and wasn't already taken by someone else.

  2. Oooooh those eyes!


    Me likey.


    Dr. Max!

    Mad Max?


    1. Mad(ish) Max. Slightly peeved Max. Upset Max....

  3. The end of an era. Diary entry simply reads, Bugger.

    But what ho! New and slightly weirder adventures are to come!

    1. You can bet the adventures are going to be weirder. Have you see the logo on this site?


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