Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Breaking News

New UK Government redesigns the houses of parliament.

A spokesman for the new coalition was reported as saying that "they wanted a symbol to represent the new age of austerity and, indeed, fear we should all feel unless we happened to have inherited large amounts of money and have been to the 'right' schools."


  1. What a lovely piece of architecture! Yes, you can now leave your day job and concentrate on desing instead, especially if you have inherited large amounts of money and been to the right schools. :)

  2. A beautiful collaboration of Politics & Fantasy... hang on, aren't they the same thing?

  3. art imitating life... or is that the other way round?

  4. Drat... I have no inheritance and went to the wrong schools. Guess I won't be cashing in on the new pulsating eye architectural craze.

  5. Dang! Before you know it they'll be letting in Orcs and Huru Kai. Will there be no end to it? hee hee

  6. Man! We should get something like that over here! All they have is one big iron tower, unfortunately, very susceptible to infiltration by flying eagles and destruction by Ents.
    Good pic!



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