Monday, 14 June 2010

Fade to Black

"Have you been out this far before?", my friend asks.

"No, although I did go right to the other end. It looks surprisingly similar."


"Very much so."

"Black, very very black. But yet with a single point of light in the distance."

"The same."

"It's quite beautiful, isn't it?"

I nodded agreement and we both heaved that admiring nature sigh. He sipped his Vesper, and I my Advocaat, Coke and Drambuie cocktail. My eyes watered slightly. I was sure the olives weren't doing it any favours.

"Tell me, is there any air?"

"No, none."

"What are we breathing?"

"Third oxygen, two-thirds nitrogen, bit of CO2 and few other gasses. And I'm fairly sure I just swallowed a fly."

"That's air! I thought you said there wasn't any?"

"None, generally. There is inside this bubble. Don't know quite why. I suspect we brought it with us, along with the two comfy chairs and the cocktails."

"So what's the bubble made of?", he said poking it with an outstretched finger. It vibrated. He poked it again. It had that seductiveness of bubble wrap.

"I think it's curdled time," I scratched my chin and thought about it, "You know it takes huge amount of power to do that?"

"Where did the power come from?"

"Well, next week when your electricity bill drops through your letter box."


"Don't even think about opening it."


  1. i hope he's not thinking what i am if he is, you may want to take the olive sword out of your drink before he sees it...

    brilliant as ever. :)

  2. Sounds like a very interesting cocktail you drink, my friend. Ever tried a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster?

  3. Hey 'Difficult! Damn, I'd forgotten all about the electricity bill. I may have to fake my own death after declaring backruptcy. If we do it in that order, when you revivify me, I think the slate will be clean? Pass the ice, please; this Vesper needs a touch more. Roth

  4. Curdled time?

    I bet that starts to smell after awhile.

  5. Excellent, sir.

    Seriously, I smiled.

  6. @eolist I'd never be allowed a sharp olive sword. They don't let me play with sharp things.

    @Spammy Yes, but I didn't think the olives went with that either.

    @Indigo We really haven't done enough experimenting with reviving the dead.

    @Quirklyloon Only if you leave it on the radiator. It's fine otherwise.

    @Simon Thank you very much.

  7. Just forward that electric bill to Roth... and pass the olives.


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