Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ten Years from Now

My friend Paula, Cat Lady Larew otherwise known as the creative mind behind How to Become a Cat Lady Without the Cats tagged me for this little meme.

Being me, and being a little iffy with the English language generally, I decided to look up meme:
A meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream") is a postulated unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.
I understand a little more than I did. Apparently it was one of Dicky Dawkins ideas. Which possibly may make it a meme in it's own right. 

Anyhow, the idea behind this one is you're supposed to tell what you hope life will hold for you ten years from now, tag ten more people to do the same, then dance naked around your computer whilst swinging a frozen chicken over your head*
  1. I am hoping for my future self to perfect a time machine and return and fill in my second hope for the future, because I cannot think of more than one for I am that feeble today.
  2. Sorry I'm late. Bloody temporal computer failed between here and ten years in your future. Had to re-boot it. I wish it didn't run on Windows Vista 10th Anniversary Edition. Note for past self: Buy a Mac. Hope for the future: that I did buy a Mac.
  3. Bye bye future self - like the extra ear - very fetching. OK back to the task at hand - I hope for an everlasting bottle of Glenfiddish.
  4. I hope for another everlasting bottle of Glenfiddish.
  5. I hope I don't become senile and start writing rubbish in a blog where everyone can read it. OK. I hope I don't become any more senile. Let's face it this blog is a fairly safe place, as no one actually reads it.
  6. I'd like my wife to be happy and content.
  7. I'd like my daughter to be pursuing her dreams. That doesn't mean lazing in bed until 3pm.
  8. I hope I shall still be in contact with my current friends.
  9. I hope to have met in person some of the wonderful people I've met through blogworld.
  10. I hope Twitter, You Tube and Facebook have combined into a single timewasting site called 'YouTwitFace'.
Now I have to pass this onto ten quite unsuspecting people.

Oh, bugger it! Cat Lady has got nearly all the people I'd pass it on to. There are but a few left:
Well, I've done a meme. Super. What's next on my list?

* It is possible I embellished this a little from the original, but I liked the 'gestures and rituals' bit of the definition of meme so much.


  1. Hey, YouTwitFace! You're so lucky you have your time machine so you can go back and forth. I knew it would be a treat to see what you'd come up with on this meme! You did not disappoint!

  2. i do hope i am lucky enough to be one of those you know here who has met you in person - even if it is for a night of dancing naked around the computer whilst swinging a frozen chicken above our heads.

  3. How on earth can I can I compete with that! Your entries made me giggle throughout, talking of meeting up with Blogies we should deinately have a curry one day this year, get Bianca along for the hoot too, it's been even longer since I saw that red haired minx :)

  4. Hey 'Difficult. I got nailed with this by Scotty over at ERGO ( and possibly by CatLady as well; I'm playing catchup on blogs. You stole all the good jokes already though - I think we shop at the same store - so I'll need to wait til inspiration strikes. Good grief, it may never surface. Indigo

  5. Hahah! I personally love # 10, and will be a diehard advocate for it my friend.

    I hope all your dreams come true and I will be writing mine soon enough!


  6. Are you implying that your wife is presently unhappy and discontented? Love #10!


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