Monday, 29 March 2010


Well, I've done it now. I've registered a domain for my bloggy thingy. It's been lurking around the internet for some months now and it deserved a proper home.

So I've got or just for short.

It was simple and hassle free. Except when I had done it, all your comments on my blog entries had vanished. I was mortified. I love the comments, sometimes more than the piece of writing that motivated them. It's nice to hear from people kind enough to read what I have written. In turn it inspires me to write the best I possibly can for them. Fortunately, somewhere between lunchtime and getting home, all your comments came back.

When I first tried to register, I went for, but someone had snaffled it. Besides I'm not commercial, my writing is for fun and to try to stop my brain turning to mush (too late there then!) would be completely wrong too. So I went for because .org is for non-commercial organisations. Although those who know me or have seen the wake of chaos behind me would perhaps believe that .dis-org would be the better domain.

Blogger, thankfully, ensure that still works too, so people who have been kind enough to link to me aren't going to get horrible broken links.


  1. Waitaminute. You're in two places at once?

    Be afraid kids, be very afraid.

  2. Yep, When you think you're standing talking to me, I'm actually on the floor tying your shoelaces together...

  3. WHOA straaaaaaaaange.
    Thanks for tellin' us about this, 'Difficult. I may want to do something like this in the future.

  4. Wow! Now that you have .org status, can you register to be tax-free as well? Otherwise I do have a tax-exempt form I can use when I visit.

  5. It's true, with a .org status I am now officially outside government control.

  6. oh my! i'm not sure i approve, with a proper home there is no telling what you'll build in the garden - especially outside of government control!

    seriously though, congratulations on your new .org status - and for lighting the path so i could get here. ;)


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