Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Slacker's Art

Roth and I have been on a mission to return dignity to the art of loafing.

In addition to loafing, I am a black-belt in lurking and Roth has achieved similar status in looming. He has the height on his side, although I wouldn't wish to detract from his obvious skill.

Whilst neither of us are entirely work shy, we do blush quite a bit and run away most of the time.

In his earlier work (I use the word carefully, but mostly because it only contains four letters and is hence less effort to type) In Line With My Worldview, Roth explains that he is a fractal slacker and at any level, whichever way you choose to view things, he is a raving success at doing absolutely nothing.

Having the technology at my disposal, I have become the world's first* Temporal Slacker. Throughout time, at major points in history, if you look carefully in the background I am there, doing absolutely nothing.

When the Berlin wall fell, there I was at the bottom resting up against it with my head on a pillow. Asleep.

When Stephenson's Rocket first shot down a railway track, I was there. In first class, reading the daily paper.

When the apes were waving sticks around at the base of a huge black obelisk, I was on the other side, leaning against it, sipping a beer and pondering why navel fluff is always purple.

You can think of me as an alternative Doctor Who, but without the heroism, the TARDIS, the assistant, the enemies or the charisma.

There are, without doubts, moments of frenetic activity in my life. Just the other day I lost the remote control down the back of the sofa. They are rare.

* Designations like world's first in time travel are rather hard to substantiate. So I haven't bothered, I've just claimed the unprovable.

iDifficult will return in the Chronicles of Nana, a tale of yellow fruit, flatpack bedroom furniture, a lion and snow, in the new year.


  1. You forgot to mention that you are also a bad influence, and rather mischievous with it. I still can't believe that Mark Anthony fell for that feed line from you - "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your EARS?" Good grief, when did THAT make sense? You might as well have said SPLEENS, he was too giddy to notice. Roth

  2. You also don't have nearly as many cast changes, but you do seem to Benjamin Button it. Of course, hardly relevent.

  3. and now the world knows exactly how the woman in that old Harold Lloyd film got a cell phone.

    (i have such fun when i am able to get out of the damn balloon basket)

  4. A black-belt in lurking, eh? I am impressed. Mighty impressed.

    And I like the other things you "haven't" been doing either.


  5. I was beginning to wonder if I should send out a search party or something. I opted for "something".

  6. By doing nothing/little you have done the world a great deed :)


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