Monday, 9 July 2012

Scratch & Sniff

You may have wondered what your favourite characters smell like. Well, due to the power of technology I bring you the scratch and sniff guide to The Tunguska Event.

Scratch and sniff below to get the authentic smell of Max Tunguska:

Now try the fine aroma of Eolist Petite:

Then the heady wiff of Indigo Roth:

And finally for the brave, the Squiddrel:

Unfortunately the technology required to make this work isn't available in your century. I recommend you move forward to the next century or attempt to scratch and sniff Max Tunguska, Eolist Petite, Indigo Roth and the Squiddrel personally.

Actually, forget about scratching and sniffing the Squiddrel. He might not like it much. And then you wouldn't like it much.


  1. ya just gotta love comfort smells...

  2. Hey Max! This is GENIUS! But good grief, there's no MEAT on it! Try this for an authentic aroma: Heady stuff! Roth

  3. Yeesh. Now you tell me.

    I scratched up my monitor trying to smell...


    (Yep, I'm with stoopid and yes that's ME.)


  4. Wait. Max, are you telling me you smell like a combination of a brick shithouse and the drink make from fermented reptiles?

  5. I have a friend who works at the Geneva CERN who specialises in experimental high energy particle physics and nuclear physics, cosmology & astrophysics.

    She moved from SA last year to join them

  6. I was thinking you all smelt like peanut butter! ... until I realised what was under my finger nail :/

  7. I'm feeling a little peckish after smelling Indigo & Eolist. Perhaps I should go back to Max to curb my appetite.

  8. I would love to scratch and sniff you all personally. That sounds pervy but I promise you it will be in the name of science only, really.


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