Thursday, 25 February 2010


"So, where have you been these last few days?"

"Abducted by aliens."

"You're kidding?"

"Nope, Check it out. Look at the fur on my left side. All shaved off. See the scar?"

"No shit, Sherlock! How did that happen?"

"Sleeping away, eyes shut, bright light, then one of those hairless pink aliens pushed me in a cage. Took me off in their spaceship to a probing centre. More poking by pink aliens, then I smelled something a bit odd, next thing I know I got the scar."

"Are you feeling ok?"

"Bit sore around the scar. And the back of my neck. I think they put a tracking device in me. Look, try feeling the back of my neck with a paw. There, like a small metal rod, just below the skin."

"I know where there is a half-eaten box of KFC"

"Now you're talking. Lead on. This fence was getting a bit tough on my paws anyhow. Do you know where there's an empty takeaway curry tin?"

"What do you want with one of those?"

"Gonna mould it over my head to keep the alien thoughts out."

"Mulder, you're a strange one, no mistake. Still up for the KFC?"


  1. This sounds uncannily like a trip to the hospital or dental surgeon.

  2. Hey 'Difficult! Damn, now you've got me all nostalgic! Where's my über-set of X-Files?! And I tell you, don't tell a soul, but the best thing for keeping the orbital mind control lasers out is a balti dish. We'd need real big ones, of course. Fancy a curry? Indigo

  3. sad part of all of this is that you and i both know someone paid those pink aliens to do this!

    and they wonder why we pretend we're deaf...

  4. Actually, the curry tin won't help with alien mind probes. For the latest in alien-mind-probe technology, please visit

    I think that once you see this gear, you'll agree that discarded curry tins are fairly useless.

  5. So basically, there's a good chance that the Aliens that do the probing on humans, weren't quite good enough to be Doctors on their own planet - thats a worry

    A lovely perspective :)

  6. Curry seems to be the answer for everything these days. Well maybe not everywhere in the world, but definitely ON this blog!


  7. You are a strange one indeed! But I love it!



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