Friday, 30 October 2009

Endless loop

I got an award. I'm absolutely shocked. I write English as a second language, despite not having a first. I wibble on about things of absolutely no importance. Finding a purpose behind something you've read in my blog is as likely as being able to buy a bale of hay in Central London.

But none the less it happened. Again. My blog is now "multi-award winning". I'd like to thank my parents, my sister and my therapist. I'd also like to thank my primary school music teacher for three whole lessons of listening to me play the Recorder. It was just bad noise.

The award looks like this:

Awards in the blogosphere seem to be like chain letters. The first blog is given an award, its writer passes that award onto people he or she thinks also write pretty cool blogs, and so on ad-infinitum.

On a slightly different tack, my hobbies are listed as:
  1. Causing Chaos
  2. Disrupting things
  3. Naming tortoises after doorknobs.
So, in my usual manner, applying hobbies 1 and 2, I started thinking what would happen if I bestowed this award upon the blogger who bestowed it on me. Would it create a loop? A failure of cause and effect in the blogosphere? A time paradox?

Lets find out:
  • I would like to pass this award onto my dear friend Indigo Roth, who bestowed it upon me. [Do we hear the blogosphere explode?]
  • I would also like to bestow the award onto Eolist Petite for the fine piece of writing that is Trading Cards.
  • Finally onto Mrs Long-suffering who has started her own blog, but hasn't yet put anything into it. Thought it has got to be worth passing a blogging award onto an as yet empty blog! Bumble


  1. I've just consulted the Cambridge boffins with whom I work, and apparently if I accept the award, the universe will do something unspeakably fractal, and will most likely be replaced by a ring doughnut. I've just eaten, so I must decline.

  2. Thank god for that then..

    However as someone who lives in Cambridge, I should point out that the Boffins is actually a delapidated pub near the student union building, and it has recently been condemmed for having mice in the kitchen. Doughnuts were never on the menu.

  3. A marvelous piece of writing! You just made my morning!

    Thank you for the honor of passing it also to me.
    *annie bows*

    And Indigo - accept it man, just to see what really happens... I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!

  4. I want to see the universe implode if Indigo accepts this award! It IS Halloween, after all!
    I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU, too! Doughnuts? Did someone say doughnuts?

    Congrats on a well deserved award!


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