Thursday, 17 December 2009

Rejected by the Publisher

Tonight I set out to write a blog entry. It would have everything. Mystery, humor, time-travel and sheds. I wrote, nay, I crafted for an hour.

I reviewed what I had writ. It sucked mightily. Shame 'cos it made sense (one up on Phillip K Dick there then), but it was dull. There was no point, no payload, no pleasure in the journey.

So press the publish button I did not, and off to watch the snow fall I did.


  1. Hey 'Difficult, I do this all the time. But then I dig it up a fortnight later, magically add the missing spark which is now completely obvious, charge the paddles, scream "CLEAR!" and hope for the best. My walk round Princeton campus took me three goes. I like your replacement entry. Snow. I like snow. Indigo

  2. Damn... being rejected by yourself is the worst of all... but also sometimes for the best. BTW, the snow looked lovely in the twitpic.


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